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Destroy the Tower

Puzzle Adventure AR | PC | Roles: Design, Programming, Modelling and Animation

Destroy the Tower was developed as part of my postgraduate module, 3D Games Programming Assignment 2 (see Kill All Robots for Assignment 1 of this module). For this assignment we had to select a topic we had been learning about and create a game or application with it. These included Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Phyre Engine etc. I chose to do Augmented Reality, as I felt I could make a cool game with it.

Game Summary

In Destroy the Tower, the player must destroy an evil tower, this requires them to fix a broken cannon – collecting the components from around a world they get to create. Before the start of the level, the player must place five unique AR targets around in their play space – each target refers to a challenge (rewards a cannon component), or the tower itself or player spawn. Then using a camera, the game level spawns to life and they can start playing.

This game idea was initially a concept I had suggested for my Digital Specialist Practice AR group project, with a few difference. Originally, I had suggested a tool to help game designers quickly mock up games, and test different mechanics. Their would-be AR targets for player characters, enemies, level obstacles and pick-ups. With there then being multiple different types of each card, for example one card with a player character who had a jump pack and the ability to shoot and one with a sword and shield. Thus, it would be a quick process to build and prototype different games.

Destroy the Tower: Videos
Destroy the Tower: Work
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