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InvisiGym (PostGrad Group Project, 2015)

AR Fitness App | Mobile | Role: Programming

InvisiGym is a prototype created for my postgraduate module Digital Specialist Practice. In which students from four different masters disciplines (Games Programming, Games Design, Animation & UX) were put into groups and given an emerging tech area to investigate and produce a relevant prototype. Our group was given the topic Augmented Reality (AR), for which we produced a mobile app to use in the Gym, which used AR aid with use of gym equipment and provide gamification to a user’s workout.

My Role

In our group we had two programmers, we divided the programming roles as follows – I would develop the frontend application, while the other developer would implement the AR component. As such I ended up working closely with one of our UX designers, who had created a wireframe prototype of the app, recreating it in Unity. Towards the end of the project, I then was tasked with integrating the AR component into the app.

InvisiGym: Videos
InvisiGym: Work
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