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Miniature (Rebel Observers - 2017/18)

Puzzle Adventure | PlayStation VR | Role: Design & Programmer

Miniature is a family-friendly VR game, targeted at a young audience. The game features two distinct characters: the player, in VR, is a giant who can sculpt the game environment, and “Mini”, their tiny imaginary friend, who needs their help overcoming obstacles. The game can be played single-player, controlling both characters simultaneously, or cooperatively with a friend or parent controlling “Mini” using PSVR’s “social screen” feature.

My role on Miniature is Developer/Designer, this is due to Rebel Observers small team size (2). A lot of my work so far has been designing the mechanics and levels for the game, while considering the constraints of the PSVR – this is something I very much enjoy. We have produced a gameplay prototype which showed off mechanics we want to use in Miniature, some still need work, while others have since been completly reworked. The prototype served as a way to convey what we are trying to achieve with Miniature, have provided a video of gameplay from the prototype below.

My roles was to do X

Miniature: Videos
Miniature: Work
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