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The Slaughter Factory (UnderGrad Solo Project, 2014)

Puzzle Adventure | PC | Roles: Design, Programming, Modelling and Animation

The Slaughter Factory was developed in my third-year Undergrad module, Dynamic Environments. In this module we learnt how to implement interesting and engaging gameplay effects in Unity. This included Animations, Particle Systems, Object Defamations etc.

Game Summary

In the level, the player needs to escape from an abandoned slaughter factory, after waking up inside and handcuffed. The gameplay follows a very linear structure, the player must complete a series of tasks to solve each puzzle. For example, to break the handcuffs, they first need to break the glass of the fire axe, pick it up and break the pipe (which exposes fire), finally placing the handcuffs in the fire to break them.

The Slaughter Factory: Videos
The Slaughter Factory: Work
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