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Truce and Trenches (Rebel Observers - 2017/18)

Typing Game | PC & Mobile | Role - Design, Programming and Animation

Truce and Trenches is a fast based typing game, where you must scribe the terms of a peace treaty before the time runs out or the war is reignited. Truce and Treches challenges the player to type as fast as possible, while clicking on any war hungry soliders – which is not as easy as it sounds. Featuring over 8million truce variations, no two games will be the same!

  • Won most polished game at Kingston GameJam 2016

  • Shown at PC Gamer Weekend 2017 at The Common Room – Presented by SEGA

  • Part of Bonus Stage – London Games Festieval and voted 2nd best game at show

Truce and Trenches was initaly developed as part of the Kingston University 2016 Game Jam, theme – armistice. My role was to program and implement the Soliders in the game – this included their AI, interaction with the player and animations, I also built the main game level, with the assests our artist created. After the Game Jam we decided to polish up the game for PC Gamer, which we had been invited to show off Truce and Trenches at.

We have since created a Mobile version of Truce and Trenches, where I had a big role in the design. This was due to the mechanics of Truce and Trenches not transfering over two well onto Mobile. While the Solider tapping works fine, the typing does not – it’s not a good feeling for the player. Instead we replaced that with a new mechanics, where the player must select the tiles based on the current word in the accord, however there are varations of each tile, incorrectly spelt and jumbled up to make it more difficult. This still needs some polish before it’s released on the App store, however changes and improvements to the mobile build, will be ported to the web build.

Truce and Trenches: Videos
Truce and Trenches: Work
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