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Project Heatwave (Develop Game Jam 2018 - Solo)

Isometric Stealth Platformer | PC | Role - Design, Programming and Animation

You play as a packet of  Heatwave Crisps, which had undergone experiments for the military. Since becoming sentient your only goal is to escape the facility, and reach freedom.

The goal of Project: Heatwave is to escape the military facility you were being experimented on. This requires you to sneak past guards, inorder to avoid detection. Throughout the levels you will find your children (Crisps) that you can collected. You can then use your children/crisps to leave Heatwave Crisps on the floor. Any foolish guard who eats one, will be melted by that intense Heatwave flavour.  

Project Heatwave was created as part of the Develop Game Jam 2018. The theme was 'Heatwave', which was I assume to do with the recent temperature increase the UK was suffering. The game itself is a Stealth Platformer, where the player must avoid detection and reach the facilities exit, in order to obtain freedom. One thing to note is I did this Jam solo, so all the models were created by myself - I'm very proud of the Crisp packet (player character) model. As soon as I swapped out the test capsule for it, I knew this game was an amazing idea.

I have written a much more in depth blog post about the Jam, my experience of it and the process I used to develop the game - which I shall link here: "insert link". 

Here is a link to an archive of all the Games made for Develop Game Jam 2018: 

Project Heatwave: Videos
Project Heatwave: Work
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