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Kill All Robots (PostGrad Solo Project, 2015)

First Person Shooter | PlayStation Vita | Roles: Design, Programming, Modelling and Animation

Kill All Robots was created for my postgradute module, 3D Games Programming Assignment 1. We had to create a game in Unity, with a focus on interaction, with a three-week development time. I decided to make a Doom style First Person Shooter which would run on the PlayStation Vita.

The reason for using the Vita was my first opportunity I had to make a game for a non-mobile/PC platform – it also offered way more controls/input compared to a mobile/tablet. As such I designed Kill All Robots to use tilt and touch capabilities.

Game Summary

The game itself is very straight forward; the goal is to reach the level exit. This requires them to locate a series of keys, unlocking doors in their path, all the while destroying any robots they come across (aka Doom).


The most challenging aspect of the project was testing builds on the PS Vita devkit – which was temperamental on the few University computers that could run the kit. As such the finished build only worked on PC. This meant the tilt and touch features were not included, though implemented.

Kill All Robots: Videos
Kill All Robots: Work
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